Learning from Home Resources


  • Stuart Prike - ‘Remains’ in Word/PDF format - 5 booklets for 5 of the poems plus guiding students on how to compare in an essay
  • Online Gruffalo workshop, and lots more. Plus stories read by Tony Ross, author - 7 stories, Facebook 
    • Elamentari - Write and code interactive stories - free access during school closures
    • Gutenburg - Download free books, e.g. Shakespear, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc.
    • Solomon Kingsnorth - Free books in PDF, Word and audiobook format - Alice in Wonderland / Wind in the Willows / The Railway Children / The Jungle Book / Peter Pan / Black Beauty
      • Reading aloud - Children can listen to stories being read aloud - YouTube
      • Hoopla - Public library online
      • Trugs - Phonic reading games for all children, including those who cannot read or have dyslexia. Email: trugs@readsuccessfully.com for 20% off using cv2020 
      • CrickerSoft - Reading and writing software for all abilities - Free during this period
      • Driver Youth Trust - over 50 free resources, designed to help teachers get *all* of their learners engaged with reading, writing, communication
        • Jane Considine "If schools in the UK close, I will be delivering daily English activities by video for pupils to complete at home. More details to follow. If you’re interested in your children getting involved"
        • Peter Wharmby - Teaching resources - mostly audio of me talking about an aspect of English Language or English Literature - YouTube
        • No Red Ink  - builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data
        • Carter's Yard Phonics - Free access to Augmented Reality phonics cards - phonics and reading - images, text and ‘Zap codes' to view online and to print at home.
        • The Reading Realm - Free home learning packs/book and library challenges/quizzes/discussion guides/games and stories written by children for children! You can also now draw/write your own stories, poems, reviews, diaries etc, in the app too
        • IXL - All ages, database of resources
        • Epic - Free 30-day trial - instant access to a range of books (age 12 and under)
        • Nessy - Help for children with Dyslexia - free trial
        • Chris Grabenstein has given permission for teachers to video themselves reading his books online - royalty free
        • CLPE - Free plans, videos, teaching notes for all year groups in primary
        • EAL
          • EFL - Rivet - Free app recommended for those learning English
          • Audible - Free - Available in 6 languages




        • Third Space learning - Primary resources for schools, and parent/carers guides to learning at home/support/advice/resources
        • The Maths Mum "I’ll be running daily ‘live’ tutorials on my FB and IG feed covering maths topics and setting work for all primary school years. Also, regular Q&A sessions to help with any questions/problems"Maths Genie
        • Prodigy - Curriculum aligned maths platform - Free
        • Bond Bonanza - Free App helping children to move away from counting numbers up to 20 to turn them into instantly recallable number bonds
        • Manga High - Full, free access at this time - Game-based learning
        • First 4 maths - a few free worksheets (Yr 4/Yr6) to help engage children in maths at home - no login and all free
        • My Mini Maths - (Yr 3, 4, 5, 6) Home learning packs ready to download
        • Parallel - Weekly 15 minute maths challenges – interesting, fun and challenging material that goes beyond school maths
        • Matific - Free trial - Primary - 2000 maths activities
        • Dads Worksheets -  FREE printable worksheets, online calculators, games, puzzles and tools such as a timer and converter




        • Imperial College - Free online science resources for pupils, & guides for teachers/parents
        • CGP app - Revise for AQA Science
        • 23 equations - Learn your GCSE equations wherever you are
        • Astro Quest - Complete online quests to help Australian scientists understand how galaxies grow and evolve
          • CogSciSci - A range of biology, Chemistry, and Physics resources
          • Chemistry resources - Integrated instructions, chemistry revision sheets; quiz cards, KS3 retrieval roulette, Freyer models find and fix and collated biology slop - By Louise Cass 
          • NASA for Kids - Games, latest news about the satellite launches, photos from the space and interviews of astronauts
          • Education Place - Lesson plans for topics including - plants/energy/space/nature
          • ICell - Explore cells - App or online
          • UEN - Interactive science activities 
          • Edhead - Virtual learning online
          • Royal institute - Christmas lectures. A series of lectures presenting scientific subjects to a general audience in an entertaining manner.



          Modern Languages

          • KooBits - 10 Free websites for language learning
            • Duo Lingo - A fun way to learn a range of languages




            • BBC - Free curriculum mapped videos
            • University of Alabama - Free online archaeology and Egyptology Uni courses (create an account to log on)
            • Future Learn -  

              Explore the architecture and history of Rome, walking around a 3D digital model of the ancient city, with this free online course.

            • Teaching history - 100 objects from museums across the UK with resources, information and teaching ideas to inspire interest in history
            • Open Culture - 6000 digital history books for children to read online 




                • Tutorful - Top Geography websites, YouTube videos, and resources 
                • Virtual Tours  /  Aquarium - Virtual online tours - including zoos, landmarks in foreign countries, etc.
                • BREEF - Coral reef virtual tour
                • Seterra - Free world geography, online quizzes 



                Arts and culture

                • Parlia - The encyclopedia of opinion - mapping the worlds thinking
                • Walter's Museum - houses the highest artistic achievements from nearly every corner of the world
                • Black history - Telling the story of the black British experience




                • A tutorial resource guide to photography and editing - Adobe
                • Code.org - One hour tutorials in 45 different languages. -no experience required
                • EraseAllKitens - Ages 8-14 - provides knowledge of terminology and develops thinking skills
                • Tinkercad - Free software tools that help you to think, create and make 3D models online. MineCraft, Lego, and others
                • ICompute - I.T. Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources
                • Tynkler - Coding for kids - Free premium access 
                • Blocky games - Games to help beginners learn computer programming skills
                • Scratch - Beginners computer programming games/projects




                • Music Gurus - Free resources that everyone can use for the next 30 days
                • @musicwithdrew - Free, daily music lessons for children on Instagram



                Movement and exercise

                • Dance Syndrome - plans to provide inclusive online dance lessons during this period 
                • iMoves - Free, fun activities to get children moving



                Life skills

                • Real-life learning - Resources to support functional and life skills for children and young people during school closures



                SEND specific resources and information

                • ChatterPack
                  • A list of FREE Speech, Language, communication, Occupational therapy, and SEND resources for schools and parent/carers
                  • ADHD and Me - a book for children and young people to help them understand what ADHD means to them as a unique individual

                Now available as a digital download. Find out more here

                • Simpson Millar - are holding a daily SEND Q&A session to answer any questions in the Education Matters group on FaceBook
                  • CrickerSoft - Reading and writing software for all abilities - Free during this period
                    • Down Syndrome - A list of resources to support learners with Down Syndrome and their families
                      • Kim Griffrin, Occupational Therapist - Daily fine motor activities families can follow along to at 11am on Facebook - the videos will also be available on Griffin OT-YouTube
                        • SEN resources blog - Advice, learning activities and recommended toys, books, and resources for children with SEND
                          • Tobiidynavox 10 weeks of free content, leveled and thematic units created with Boardmaker - books, communication supports, speech/language activities for students with communication difficulties and SEND
                            • Accessibite - Free apps to support students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, have reading difficulties
                              • Journey for peace - An online project with a visual impairment awareness focus through the medium of comics
                                • SENDcast - Podcasts on sensory processing and dyslexia 
                                  • ALN Home School - Resources for parents of children with additional needs 
                                    • EasterSeals - Free visual timetable resources - to help with school closures  
                                      • Autcraft - A modulated and monitored, online site for autistic children and young people
                                        • Reader Pen - A pen scanner for those with reading difficulties - that reads text out aloud in English/Spanish/French - Free 14 day trial - Sign up here
                                          • APD support - Information and links about Auditory processing disorder



                                            Websites offering resources for multiple subjects

                                            • EYFS and Primary
                                              • The School Run - Free resources for parents - English, maths, science 
                                              • Academics - Games based on a range of subjects 
                                              • Kialo - Critical thinking resources
                                              • CrickWeb - Free, online educational resources and games 
                                              • Kapow  - Art, music, IT, languages, relationships, wellbeing -14-day free trial
                                              • TTS - Free downloadable primary packs covering a range of subjects
                                              • Teach Starter - Free month subscription plus learning from home packs (Maths, English, science, wellbeing) 
                                            • Secondary, GCSE and A-levels
                                                • Stairway - Maths, Biology, Physics (by exam board)
                                                • Massolit - Offering a free subscription during this time
                                              • Higher education
                                              • All Ages
                                                • BBC is announcing a daily educational show for key stages and year groups on iPlayer, expanding BBC Bitesize, educational podcasts etc and BBC Four doing shows on A Level and GCSE curriculum
                                                • Seneca - English, Geography, Maths, History, Biology, Spanish, French 
                                                • Actively learn - standards-aligned assignments in ELA, science & social studies are now free for teachers through the end of the school year. 
                                                • Teacher starter - Over 14,000 pages of curriculum-aligned content created by teachers + learning from home packs
                                                • TES - A range of free resources  
                                                • Twinkl - Free access to all Twinkl resources for schools and parents for a month

                                              Miscellaneous learning resources

                                              • Boromi - Sign up for free daily play emails - an offline, home play activity using everyday materials sent daily (+ printable) - EYFS teachers/parents/ carers
                                              • Adapt - Free revision app - available from Google Play and App Store
                                              • Kidztype - Games to improve typing skills
                                              • Open Learn - Free, online courses, Open university 
                                              • ChatterPack  - Free resource - Developing children's vocabulary
                                              • T.K.S.S.T - Smart videos for curious minds of all ages
                                                • Fun at home - Learning videos on a range of topics/ages
                                                • iDEA - An international programme that helps you develop/demonstrate your digital, enterprise and employability skills for free
                                                • Expeditions App - Free virtual Reality Augmentation app for all ages, to take virtual trips around the world to hundreds of destinations.



                                                For families - ideas for activities, advice and learning tools

                                                How to make an insect hotel - nature activity

                                                • Rocket kids club - Everyone can watch and be part of our Rocket Kids Club Shows broadcasting live every Friday
                                                • Non-screen activities to do at home - Pobble
                                                • Learning activities for the garden - Nature detectives - Woodland Trust
                                                • 50 ideas of activities to do at home - ABC Does
                                                • Build your own game - or play games with others online - Roll20 
                                                • Supporting learning at home - Dr Janet Goodall - Pinterest 

                                                  DoIt - low cost Ideas for learning activities at home





                                                  Inclusive anxiety/emotional support for children 

                                                  • FREE weekly webinars from Studio III  on managing behaviour/stress/autism among other topics. Email admin@studio3.org to book & to find out what's coming up this week. 

                                                    Image of well being advice and emotions images to use alongside



                                                      Image for children about staying safe during the Coronavirus outbreak



                                                      Emotional support for children during Coronvirus outbreak



                                                      Emotional support for children during Coronvirus outbreak



                                                      R.E and Prayer resources

                                                      *Check the location/time zones of live-streamed masses to calculate the UK start time. Time Zone calculator

                                                      • NATRE - KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 - Free resources



                                                      Other lists containing links to useful websites

                                                      • Seomra Ranga - Hundreds of free downloadable resources available
                                                      • Padlet.org - Hundreds of links to information/resources for schools and families planning for home learning
                                                      • E-Parenting - Free resources for GCSE, A-Level, STATs, 11+ 
                                                      • Kids Activities - A list of American companies offering free subscription at this time
                                                      • Engage Education - Free resources and information for parents/carers and school staff



                                                      For teachers and other school staff: Advice, information & learning tools

                                                        • CPD - Information and training on ADHD, autism, SLCN's, Dyslexia, Sensory processing, Working memory, ABI and other areas of special educational needs and disabilities - list compiled by Jarlath O'Brien
                                                        • Free CPD & Webinars - on Dance, PE, Pilates for kids, Mental Health & Wellbeing in schools 
                                                        • A daily SEND Q&A session to answer any questions in the Education Matters group on FaceBook - Simpson Millar 
                                                        • Tom Sherrington - Five videos of one-day Rosenshine Principles Masterclass - 2 1/2 hours of free CPD
                                                        • The School Bus - Free resources to help teachers organise school closures
                                                        • Socrative apps - Free access - Fun and effective tools to gauge student understanding in real-time. 
                                                        • Ed For Learning - Free access to curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments across the subject areas. Content is carefully scaffolded
                                                        • Britannica - free access for the whole time your school might need it. Teachers can set packs of content, create lessons, send/receive homework online
                                                        • Diagnostic Questions - An assessment tool that provides detailed insights into student understanding - Free trial